Dub Box Camper, a retro rethink

Just a stumble on YouTube, and the Dub Box camper was found! Click here - Learn more at the Dub Box ...

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Holiday Greetings!

Oldvolkshome.net wishes you a wonderful holiday and new year in your part of the world. Best wishes!...

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Minnesota Bug-In video posted!


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27th Annual Bug-In, Minnesota

Mark your calendar for the 27th Annual Bug-In, a gathering of Volkswagens, June 2, 2013 in Minnesota...

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VW Beetle names

The beloved VW Beetle or Bug goes by many names around the world!

Volks, Beetle or Ibba(turtle): Sirlanka
Volky: Puerto Rico
Bjalla (bell): Iceland
Käfer: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Kever: Belgium and the Netherlands
Pichirilo: Ecudor
Escarabat: Catalan
Peta: Bolivia
Buda: Croatia

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History of Volkswagen



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